What Is News?

News is the current state or happening of something, particularly an event that affects people or things. It may be a breaking story or an in-depth look at a smaller subject which has been covered before. News is often considered to be objective (without personal bias) and should be based on fact, rather than opinion. It should also be timely and of interest to the public.

Some examples of News include:

Crime: Whether it be road traffic offences, burglaries, rape or murder, crimes that occur in the local area and are reported in detail make good news stories. This also includes stories of robberies, muggings or thefts that occur at large gatherings such as football matches and festivals. However, ordinary people going to work or catching the bus does not constitute news, even though it may have just happened; this is because the information is not interesting, significant or unusual enough to make people want to read about it.

Weather: Whether it is floods, droughts or heatwaves, weather changes that are felt locally and which influence the everyday lives of people do not make good news stories unless they happen to be quite rare. However, a sudden change in the usual pattern of a season, such as an early frost or a late snowfall, does make news.

Money: Any stories about fortunes made or lost, lottery wins and charity donations are newsworthy, as are reports of budget cuts, salary freezes and compensation claims. This category of news should be unbiased and provide details of the amount involved, how it was spent and whether any benefits were received.

Sports: Events involving the local team or celebrity athletes can be newsworthy, as can major sporting events and the results of international competitions. The success of a young athlete at school or in the community can also be reported on, as can new facilities being built for the sport.

Arts: Any developments in music, dance, theatre and cinema are of interest, as are stories about the restoration of a building or the opening of a new exhibition. It is important to remember that the Arts are not necessarily purely entertainment; they can also educate, inform and inspire.

Writing News

Creating news articles is not easy; it is important that the content is accurate and not too boring. It is also crucial to know your audience; a newspaper or website with a wide general appeal will be able to attract a much larger readership than a publication with a more specific demographic.

Choosing the right topics to write about can be difficult. It is helpful to find out what the big issues are in your community, or the world. This can be done by reading the newspapers, listening to radio bulletins and watching television or online news clips. It is also possible to use an online news aggregator, which collects a range of different news sources into one place, so that you can see the various angles being taken on a particular issue.