Home Improvement – Getting the Most Out of Your Home

Home improvement

Home improvement is the process of improving or adding to the value of a home or residence. The industry involves the sale of building materials, appliances, furniture, decor and services provided by contractors and tradespeople. It includes repairs, maintenance, remodelling, additions and installations such as pools, sheds, decks, gazebos and other outdoor structures. The home improvement industry has seen rapid growth in recent years.

The home improvement market is a multi-billion dollar industry that encompasses everything from minor remodeling to complete overhauls of kitchens, baths and family rooms. It also includes exterior work such as painting and resurfacing the driveway, replacing shingle roofs, and upgrading windows and doors. Increasingly, the market includes energy efficient upgrades that will reduce both electricity and heating costs.

There are many benefits to doing home improvements. Some of the more obvious include an increase in the overall value of the property, improved functionality, and a boost in curb appeal. Other benefits include a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment. Home improvement projects are a great way to get the most out of your home while you are living in it, and they can help you prepare to sell it later on.

One important thing to keep in mind is that not all home improvement projects are created equal. While sparkling bathroom remodels and new garage door openers are always popular, they don’t necessarily give you a good return on your investment. For the best returns, focus on projects that will be in high demand when it comes time to sell. Kitchens, bathrooms and master suite add-ons are usually among the top renovations in terms of resale value.

A poorly maintained home can affect its value, even if the homeowner is careful with upgrades and repairs. Neglected plumbing, electrical and roofing issues can lead to expensive damage that will need to be repaired by a professional. In addition, a home that is cluttered and dirty doesn’t give a good first impression to visitors and may be less desirable for potential buyers.

Whenever you are hiring someone to do home improvement projects, check with the Better Business Bureau to find out about any complaints against the contractor. Also, be sure to get a written contract before any work is done and never pay more than 1/3 of the total project cost upfront. It is also a good idea to have a copy of the contractor’s insurance certificate. In addition, New York state law requires all home improvement contracts to have the contractor’s name, address and MHIC license number preprinted on the document. This will protect you if the contractor becomes insolvent or is unable to finish the job. You should also make a point of checking references and finding out about past projects that the contractor has completed successfully. Finally, if you plan to hire someone to do a significant home improvement project, such as a new kitchen or bathroom, it is a good idea to get multiple estimates from qualified contractors before making a decision.