Content Analysis of News Values


News is a critical form of information that is subject to judgment. The journalist decides the focus of a story and what facts to emphasize. Some critics of the media believe that media deliver news according to market research rather than objective reporting. The Chicago Tribune’s Jack Fuller, for example, has argued that the media delivers news based on its ability to influence consumer decisions.

Content analysis of news values

The Content Analysis of News Values method offers a useful framework for analyzing news stories. It is especially helpful for media professionals and journalists. In today’s media-driven society, determining the worth of news stories can be difficult. Factors such as deadlines, competition for exclusives, and journalistic routines can all influence the news value of a story. Further, journalists’ own beliefs and values also play a role.

Professional model

The concept of the professional model news has many applications and is an important framework for examining the workings of news organizations. It maps out formal lines of authority and identifies key roles for different people within a news organization. It also highlights the main issues and goals of the organization. The model dates back to the 1950s and was initially based on the concept of the “gatekeepers,” individual editors who held considerable power within the organization.

Organizational model

The organizational model for news is a useful framework for analyzing news organizations. It helps determine the formal lines of authority, identifies key roles, and highlights important issues. The model was developed during the 1950s, when editors were seen as gatekeepers of information, and they had significant power.


Exclusivity in news is an important aspect of the news dissemination process. It is essential for the public’s right to know about a story without the help of a monopoly. However, it must be noted that there are risks associated with exclusivity, so publishers and news organizations should consider multiple sources when making exclusives.


The shareability of news is a key measure of the impact of a news story. Stories that get a lot of shares generally get more attention. For example, a story about a coup will get more attention than a story about a popular celebrity, even if both are true. However, a story about a celebrity will probably not get a lot of shares. In such cases, newsrooms can use analytics to create stories that are more likely to be shared.


Objectivity in news reporting is a complex issue. It is difficult to maintain objectivity in a newsroom and yet, journalists are required to balance these two values in their reporting. For example, the topic of climate change is a topic of debate, so journalists must balance the need to report facts with the need to be critical and impartial.