5 Tips for Traveling on a Budget and Staying at a Luxury Hotel

Traveling and hotels

April has become a slow month for traveling, and it won’t return until 2020, when the focus shifts to domestic tourism. People are too worried about the situation in their home countries, and hotels are suffering just like any other business. With so many employees relying on them, they must be adaptable and stay in business to keep cash flowing. A few tips are offered below. Continue reading to get some ideas for how to travel on a budget while staying at a luxurious hotel.

Renting a villa

If you’re traveling to a new place and don’t want to stay in a traditional hotel, consider renting a villa. Luxury villas come with the highest standards of comfort and luxury. Some villas even have a personal chef on staff. You can choose a package that includes personal chefs, which may be worth the extra expense. Here are five reasons why renting a villa is better than staying in a hotel:

Booking in advance

When traveling, it’s important to book a hotel room in advance to avoid the rush. If you wait until the last minute, you’ll have a harder time finding a room and getting any extra amenities you may need. Booking in advance gives the hotel time to prepare and make accommodations for you. Sometimes, you may need to request special accommodations, such as extra pillows or an extra bed. In either case, let the hotel know in advance so that they can reserve the supplies you’ll need.

Getting a room on the day

If you’re traveling on the day of your travel, you’ll want to book a room a day or two before you arrive. This way, you can get a room for the night, but not have to deal with the hassle of paying in advance. The same-day rate is 10% cheaper than a booking made weeks or months in advance. It’s also an easy way to secure a room in the city you’re visiting.

Getting a room at a Bed and Breakfast

Often, people don’t consider the benefits of a Bed and Breakfast until they are traveling. While many B&Bs have limited rooms and charge a premium for them, there are several things to consider when booking a room in a B&B. The main reason to book early is because the rooms fill up quickly, and some B&Bs offer discounts for returning guests.

Getting a room at a hotel

Getting a room at a hotel while traveling is an easy task when you plan ahead. There are several things to consider when choosing a room, but these tips can make it a bit easier. You should make sure to make your reservations at least two weeks in advance. Most online booking engines allow you to comment on the type of room you want, but this doesn’t guarantee you will be accommodated.

Getting a room at a resort

If you don’t want to wait in line at the front desk to check out, there are some tricks to getting a room at a resort. While drive-by properties are less likely to have cancellations, destination resorts often do, so it’s worth checking them out for flash sales. Aside from flash sales, Pierre-Alex recommends using the industry-leading secret escapes to access coveted properties. You can also maintain status at multiple hotel brands, including the Ritz Carlton and Starwood. Private banking programs are also a good way to access coveted properties.